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Cuba Libre

  • datum:31/12
  • tijd:21:30
  • locatie:Felix Meritus
  • adres:Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam
  • kosten:€65
Lloyd Arcadi presents: the sweltering fusion of the Pre-Revolutionary HAVANA.
A time when Sex, Revolt, Life, Joy, Intellect and endless Rum and Coke would make Havana the center of the World. Just before Fidel and Che would freeze this image for ever.Be prepared for a thrilling experience bringing the best of all Worlds together. Six different rooms in the FELIX MERITIS will bring this full HAVANA 1959 atmosphere to Amsterdam NYE 2014:

1.The Grand Show Bizz Tropicana Show…with girls dancing, feathers, Shows, Champagne and unlimited delight.

2.The Casino Underground Club, bringing Poker, Whiskey, Cocktails, and lots of Money to the Suave Criminals

3.The enticing flirtuous Salsa and Meringue Room, Dancing, Sliding, Grinding and Kissing for all those that enjoy a endless flirt

4.The intellectual Cigar Enjoying Room, enjoying good talks, smooth Wisdom and smart perspectives.

5. “The Sovjet bar”. Russian involvement in Cuba Libre. Only wodka and wodka.
Presented by Cafe Diep and Diep only

6.Life indulging, Old Man, Buena Vista Social Club, fully colored, Havana Harbour Room, Drinking Rum and Coke and spending endless moment being fully content with the most beautiful life that exists.

!!! FOYER !!!:

Sheila Hill, Pony M & Stevie Hits, Bom Brasil (Dj Nilzon, Dj Kbca, DJ Santiago) DJ PATRICK SALMON


Vika Kova, Otis Hats, Frederik Abas, Kareem Raihani


by Salsa Lounge & Latin Village : Rojo, Yuchi, DJ-JMB, Panchito, Trumpets, and dancers, D RACHID


Ken Abel, Philip Young, Stefano Richetta, Klaproos, Victor Coral Percussion: Jethro Angkotta

Dance Performances: ShowBizz, salsa dancers & Burlesque

Russian involvement in Cuba Libre. Only wodka and wodka.
DJ.Mps Pilot, MoskowDiskow with DJ. DisowMachina and DJ.Goldfinger, MC.Vika Kova. No entrance without ID.

Make sure to be there before 12 as we will have a spectacular 12 O `clock moment…..


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