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Dia de los muertos @ De centrale – Gent

  • datum:01/11
  • tijd:18:00
  • locatie:De centrale T
  • adres:Kraankindersstraat 2, 9000 Gent
The day of the dead is truly a celebration of life in Mexico. Where people celebrate the circle of life and teach others not to fear death. A celebration where people feel free to enjoy and appreciate every moment. The dead are not remembered or commemorated. Instead they are considered present. This is a celebration with the dead, not of the dead.
20:00 – LUIZ MARQUEZ – “Colibri” – Aztec mythology production (MEX)

As its name suggests, Mariachi Reloaded is a complete reinvention of the traditional Mexican folk genre Mariachi. The multicultural configuration of its Mexican, Honduran, Cuban and Belgian members ensure that you won’t be offered the usual ‘Cielito Lindo’ or ‘La Malagueña’. Each set is as eclectic as its makeup promises: they shift quickly from one rhythm to another, beginning a song with a folk rhythm, intercepting it in ska style and finishing it with a funk groove.

Rafael Aragón aka Rafiralfiro is a latin/arabic rooted french musician / dj / composer / producer. Born & raised in Paris who mixes traditional folkloric music like of Gobal bass, tropical, cumbia and many other world rhythms with modern electronic patterns, looking for the perfect balance between organic and synthetic, old and new, art music and popular music, the holy and the profane, the darkness and the light, the brain and the feet.

00:30 – DJ THE RUDIES (BE)
The Rudies are 2 wildchild Dj’s that cross musical borders wherever they do their thing. Surprising, inventive and eclectic but with a clear vision. What they rave about: badass beats, fat grooves and grinding sounds but they are also such big lovers of worldmusic, swingjazz, baile funk and bhangra. Earopening dancemusic that’s what this is about!


Produced by Mezcal vzw, RUN Bookings, Zephyrus Records and De Centrale