Latijns-Amerika magazine.

Rephrasing Memory

  • data:12/06 - 28/06
  • locatie:Centrum voor Fotografie
  • adres:Bethaniënstraat 39, Amsterdam
Foto: Ivan Carazo. Untitled, Installation with mixed analogue photography techniques, various sizes, 2012

This exhibition shows constructions related to personal memories with perspectives of different geographical locations. Together they refer to a psychological state of mind. Most of the work is connected to memories of family and migration. Some works have a personal vision of a collective memory or memory mixed with surrealism. The artworks have a visual narrative in which a memory transforms into a new reality of the artist. The group exists of 30 artists based in Argentina, Colombia and The Netherlands.

Sarojini Lewis and Oscar Roldán – Alzate


Argentina: Andrés di Tella, Claudio Caldini, Florencia Almirón, Marcella Moujan, Marina Etchegoyhen, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Rubén Guzmán, Santiago Doljanin, Vivi Abelson.

Colombia: Andrés Monzón, Carlos Montoya, Catalina Toro, Fredy Alzate, Fredy Clavijo Cuartas, Iván Carazo García, Juan David Díez, Juan Duque, Juan David Higuita, Laura Montoya, Marta Lucia Ramírez, Paula Ospina, Ricardo Muñoz, Sebastián Restrepo, Sergio Gómez, Víctor Muñoz.

The Netherlands: Loes Verstappen, Sanne Zurne, Sarojini Lewis, Gabrielle Gordeau.

Perú: Daniel Alva