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Assessing major sporting events in emerging economies: the impact of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil

06-02-2014 door Eline Bongertman

Barclay states that “the economic benefits of hosting mega-sporting events are often exaggerated. Ex-ante impact studies typically overestimate the gains and underestimate the costs involved. It is therefore difficult to explain in economic terms the intense competition among cities to hold such events” (2009: 62). It is commonly believed that hosting a big sporting event is beneficial in many ways to the host country as it generates jobs, tourism, investment opportunities and international prestige. For emerging economies, this would be a welcome boost to their respective international positions. Recent events... » meer lezen

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef: challenges in coral reef protection

28-01-2014 door Eline Bongertman

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, with its 1,000 km, is the second largest barrier reef in the world (after Australia’s Barrier Reef) and the largest in the western hemisphere, following the coasts of four countries – Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. But it is also a region where tourism is the major source of income (an average of 100 million tourists per year, creating 43% of the GNP in the Caribbean region), which is why there is an enormous impact on the systems of reefs, sea grass, mangroves and wetlands. The... » meer lezen

Op de grens tussen angst en aanbidding: ‘Narco Cultura’ op het IDFA 2013

18-11-2013 door Eline Bongertman

Deze week gaat het IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam) weer van start. In de 103 minuten durende documentaire Narco Cultura (2013, VS / Israël, Shaul Schwartz) wordt op ingrijpende wijze getoond hoe aan de ene kant van de grens tussen de Verenigde Staten en Mexico de zogenaamde narcocultuur wordt verheerlijkt, terwijl aan de andere kant van de grens mensen elke dag voor hun leven vrezen. Leven met de dood in Ciudad Juárez De Mexicaanse stad Ciudad Juárez, vaak genoemd als een van de gevaarlijkste steden ter wereld, wordt  al... » meer lezen

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